Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ya'at'eeh! This week has been a good one! Elder Sorensen and I are finding like crazy and we have met allot of cool people who are prepared. What has been really helping is we are asking everyone if they know someone who needs to know the message of Jesus Christ and even if they aren't interested they know someone who is. On. Monday we were able to clean the house and stay at home. On Tuesday we saw allot of people out in the Valley and met two new people. We did service all day and it was awesome! We split wood for a family and Elder Sorensen got to help for the first time! He has chopped wood but this was his first time splitting. We gave a whole family blessings because they were sick and that was a good spiritual experience. On Wednesday, We went to Rough Rock and got to see the mountain man. It's a fun hike up to his house and when we got there we got to chop his wood. On, Thursday we gave another blessing to a lady who had a stroke and later in the week she said that she slept all night for the first time since her stroke after we prayed for her. On, Friday we did weekly planing and got to see some people before basketball night at the church. Saturday, we tore down a house for a family and it was fun smashing the walls. They appreciated the help after the fire they had and now that it is all in a pile they can have the Navajo nation take the pieces to the nearest dump. Things are a little different out here but Its great to be a part of it all. Sunday we had the seminary kids speak in sacrament meeting and it was very spiritual. They did a fantastic job talking about the Atonement and faith with a little bit of missionary work at the end of the last talk ;) All of the seminary kids have been inviting their friends to church and church activities and its great to see them sharing the gospel. Yesterday we Played volleyball with our Zone and had Zone Training. Our Zone leaders had allot of good things to say about our hard work this month and told us that we are one of the hardest working zones in the mission. We learned some cool teaching ideas and got to talk about how great our areas are! All in all, this week has been sweet! Thank you for your emails and thank you for supporting me on my mission. I love you and I will talk to you next week!

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