Tuesday, February 18, 2014


This week has been different but over all good. On Monday we packed, said goodbye to members of the ward, drove to Farmington, and stayed the night with some elders there. On Tuesday Elder Cook and I went to the Training meeting while elder Nicholson and McCarry went to their new areas in the transfer van. I got to meet my new companion and the missionary that Elder Cook is training. The four of us drove back to Many Farms that night and had a chance to introduce the new missionaries to the bishop. My Companions name is Elder Sorensen and his name is Danish too just like ours. He was originally called to the Brazil mission but is waiting here in this mission until he gets his visa. He is really cool and learned Portuguese in the MTC. Elder Cooks companion is Elder Quijano and he is here to stay in the Farmington mission. He didn't have any MTC training and his call packet said to report to the Mission home last Monday so he has only been out a week. Pretty crazy stuff! But now I am the only remaining elder that was here in Many Farms last August. Its weird being the elder who has been here the longest. On Wednesday I was able to take Elder Sorensen to meet some of the people we teach and it was a normal day. Thursday we were able to see everyone and had allot of cool teaching experiences and found a really cool family. Friday we did our first weekly planing and after got to see a few people before Basketball night. Saturday was a little slow but we did allot of finding and on Sunday we were able to teach a few Less actives in the ward. I am looking forward to next week because we will have more time to go out. We have been finding allot more already in this new companionship and that is definitely what this area needs. That and more member missionary work. I love it here and I am glad that I have lasted this long in one area. I know just about every road out here so that's pretty exiting! Thank you for your support and for being an awesome family! I love you guys! :) Talk to you next week!

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