Monday, February 3, 2014

Ya'at'eeh'! This week has been good! We drove to some new places and now have more people to teach! Last Monday we sent our Truck to Farmington with the Zone Leaders to trade out for a new one because our's is having problems. Tuesday night we got our old truck back because the new one had to go to a different set of elders who got in an accident the day before. I'm glad that they are able to still do missionary work with a working truck but we were still worried about our truck because it could fall apart any second lol. On Wednesday I went to Lukachukie again and spent the day out there. There is allot more mud in Lucachukie but it was nice being in the mountains. There are so many Pine trees its like being in Colorado! On Thursday we had a cool district meeting in Chinle. Sister Batt sat in on our meeting while President Batt interviewed a few missionaries from the other district that meets in that church building. She had a lot of cool ideas to share and you could feel the added spirit she brought into the meeting. We got to talk to president after for a little bit and we were joking around and having a good laugh with him. He is a cool Mission President! This Friday we had a good day teaching and then we played basketball at the church. Bishop Logan was throwing it down and it was amazing to see all the little kids play in between games. Everyone is pro at Basketball out here, even the little 5 year olds! haha I am going to come back from my mission ready for the NBA ;) Our truck broke on Saturday right as we pulled into the church parking lot. The front hub on the left side is locked and the tire doesn't turn at all, so it isn't moving any time soon. We are getting a new truck soon but in the mean time we are on bikes. We have two bikes from the mission office but we don't have any helmets yet haha. We rode our bikes around Many Farms but that's as far as we will go without dying from being so out of shape. Neither one of us could breathe after riding around all day. That's what eating Fry bread and sitting in a car all day does to you xP. On Sunday we had an amazing testimony meting! and Elder Nicholson and I got to ride our bikes around Many Farms. Well, That is how the week has been for us. It was good to hear how the week has been for you guys. Keep on Keeping on! I will talk to you next Monday, Peace out!

(Josh's - Elder Petersen's :) - makeshift helmet - a pillow with rope! )

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