Monday, February 10, 2014

I am training a new missionary straight from the MTC!

It is a good thing I am staying! I'm not ready to leave yet! I watched Elder Nicholson say goodbye to everyone in the ward yesterday and it is very hard to leave a place that you love after being there a long time. It is not going to be easy saying goodbye to Many Farms when it is my turn to move on. The 6 months that I have been here feel like only a month. I sometimes think that I am still being trained by elder Nicholson and that I am still very new but now I guess that is going to have to change this next transfer. Elder Nicholson is leaving for Sheep Springs New Mexico and will still be on the Navajo reservation but in a different Zone. I hope I can see him at the next Zone Conference. Today we are going to Farmington to Pick up Elder Cook's and my new companion. Elder McCarry has been living with us since I got here and now both him and my companion are leaving. I will miss both of them but I know it's what the lord wants.

This week we got our new truck! It is good to be off the bikes and to be able to go where we want to. We had a slow week though because we only had four days with the truck and I went with Elder McCarry for one of those days. It was good to see people again though. We were able to go to Rough Rock and Valley Store again! On Wednesday we drove to Farmington with Elder Shrum our vehicle coordinator and man is he cool! It is so great to see all the awesome people who are helping lead this mission. They all have such great faith and love. Every time I am around president Batt I cant help feel the strong spirit that comes from him. We are now driving a dark gray 2013 Nissan Frontier and it is really nice! We asked Elder Shrum what we did to deserve such a nice car and he told us that it is because we took such great care of the last one and he knows he can trust us with a newer vehicle. Pretty fancy pick up for a couple of young missionaries, I was shocked. On Saturday Both Elder Nicholson and I got calls from President really early in the morning. He is going to be a District Leader again in a different area and I am training a new missionary straight from the MTC! We are both a little nervous but "He whom the Lord calls, he Qualifies!" The Mission Office will more than likely send you a picture of my new companion and I, but I will send you one next Monday too. Thank you for everything and thank you for all your support! I love you too Mom! :) Talk to you next Monday

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