Wednesday, June 10, 2015

With all of this coming to a close I feel as if I am a race horse with his blinders on. Focused on one goal and ignoring all else around me. I want to be as focused as I can so that I can say that I have given it my all when I have crossed the finish line.

holy moly - I haven't put anything on here since January! There's not a ton for anyone to read. I try to catch him when he's online and then we chat a little back and forth - so it's not anything you want to read or that we would really want to share. Here's what i have to update......

 I found a mustache..

Mon 2/2/2015
  This week has been good! Monday we played football as a Zone and that was good. Tuesday we had Mission Leadership Counsel and that was Amazing! All the Zone leaders and Sister Training Leaders in the mission meet at President Batts home and him and his wife talk about the needs of the mission. A powerful spirit was there and I can definitely tell that President and Sister Batt Love each missionary they serve here in the New Mexico Farmington Mission. They are such great people! There are a lot of responsibilities as a Zone Leader, it's very different for me. I do have to say that I enjoy the great missionaries I am working with here in Farmington. Wednesday I went to the Spanish branch area with Elder Gonzalez for a day. He is a district leader so we got to see how he is doing with his new responsibility. Great missionary and he works hard. I also have to say that the church is true no matter what language. Each lesson we had I could hardly tell what was said but the spirit was present more at the end of our visit than it was at the beginning and so I have no doubt that the church is true. Thursday to Saturday was pretty regular. Saturday we went to the reservation that we cover here in 2nd ward boundaries and that felt like home. It snowed the day before so we got a little muddy. Sunday we had a lot of success. We have members asking when they can go teaching with us so I am exited! Two men working for a business here in Farmington this week couldn't make it back to Utah so they came to our ward. They told us that we have a very good ward with very strong testimonies. They leave for Utah today back to their "main office," but it was nice to know that I work in the best ward a missionary could ask for. Things are great and I am enjoying it. Thank you for the letters and emails this week. I hope to hear from you soon.
--Elder Petersen

Mon 2/9/2015
Hello from the Town of Farm!

   Things are good and all is well! I went on exchanges with one of the District Leaders on Tuesday and it was the first time taking over the area here in Farmington. It was great and we only got lost 3 times! Driving in the city is not what I remember.. there are so many streets and houses to remember, haha. Last Monday we went golfing at the driving range with the Assistants because Elder Nicholson is Awesome! Never thought that would happen on my mission. Wednesday we took a recent Convert (18 years old) to another recent convert family and he helped us review the Restoration with 3 kids that were baptized a month ago. The 18 year old is now preparing for a mission and it was great to have him with us! In the evening we took the Elders quorum President to a less active woman that has not been to church for 10 years. His wife is this woman's visiting teaching Companion and so they already knew each other from the times his wife had fellowship-ed her. In the lesson the Elders quorum President talked about how at one time in his life he had been less active in the church and then... the question.. He asked her in a very loving way, "Whats your excuse? Why don't you come to church? You know its a good thing, you know it's right. What is it going to take?" Elder Mackay and I where speechless. For the next 15 minutes the member and this woman talked about what is holding her back and the spirit flooded the room when the Elders quorum president bore testimony of the blessings he has seen in his family since they have come back to church. Thursday we took the Stake patriarch, who is in our ward, teaching and we visited a less active member who is working on coming back to church. We let the member talk to her about patriarchal blessings and she was exited. She committed to come to church so it was a good lesson. Friday we had a very good lesson with an investigator that has been struggling to make it to church. We have had to push back her baptism date two times now so we brought a member who lives a few apartments down from us and he invited her to pray about her own day to be baptized! The members here are amazing! Saturday and Sunday was Stake conference. Elder Lorance Corbridge of the Seventy came to speak and it was fantastic! He made the gospel sound so simple and he presented it the way I want to present it to investigators. It is always a pleasure to hear from a General Authority of the church. He gave a great talk on Joseph Smith in the 2014 April conference and he is part of the reason why we now have mission prep classes in the church. Great man and a great speaker! That's it for this week. Hope to hear from you next Monday. Have a good week!
--Elder Petersen

This is where I live

Mon 2/23/2015
My companion is leaving to Round Rock (Many Farms Ward)

Mon 2/23/2015
Went walking this morning. We live right next to the San Juan River and it was snowing.

Elder Mackay is going to Many Farms ward in the Round Rock part of it. My new companion is an old companion. Elder Lewis who was my MTC Companion! Me and him were Zone Leaders in the MTC and now we are Zone Leaders in Farmington!!! Pretty Crazy stuff! Almost out of time. Gotta go. Love you Mom! :)

Mon 3/2/2015
    I am still in Farmington 2nd Ward but I am now companions with Elder Lewis, my former MTC companion. This is his first transfer being a Zone Leader so I get to train him in the art of leadership. As demanding and as stressful and it can be sometimes, I am glad I am in this amazing Zone! There are a lot of good Elders that are doing some amazing things. This stake already has 7 baptisms for the year, which is fantastic! It has snowed on and off since last Monday leaving 5 inches of snow. It all melted yesterday but it was fun while it lasted. We taught a family that lives in an RV park and now their whole family is on date to be baptized. ... I look forward to when they come to church! Things are Great in Farmington and i love how helpful the members have been. We have a member with us every time we teach an Investigator practically. We are very blessed. Have a good week!
--Elder Petersen

Mon 3/9/2015
Elder Lewis on Left

Mon 3/16/2015
Ello! Not much time but I will give you the highlights of this week.

We are in a "trio" here in Farmington 2nd Ward now. There is a missionary that comes from Lukachukie today and he will be with us until president says otherwise. 
The youth in our ward trained the ward on Sunday and taught how to do indexing. Having the youth teach it was a pretty cool idea.
I interviewed my very first Investigator for Baptism yesterday and because he only spoke Spanish we did the Interview with a translator. I will always remember that one!
We have 4 new investigators this week and one more person who has committed to Baptism. We made a goal to have a member with us every night and so far it is a huge success!
Things are going great and I love Farmington! :)

Mon 3/30/2015
Love you Mom! :) This week has been busy and awesome! 9 People on Baptism date for next month, 19 really good lessons, and 6 new investigators! Have a great week.

Elder Pitcher, my second companion in our Farmington 2nd Tripanion-ship (The Three Amigos!)

Mon 4/6/2015
My District here in Farmington. Elder Gonzalez is the third in from the left and was the district leader this transfer

Mon 4/6/2015
My Tri-panionship is over :'( Elder Lewis is now an Assistant to the President and Elder Pitcher is going to Kirtland 1st ward (where I just came from)
My New companion that I will have tomorrow is Elder Christensen 

Mon 4/20/2015

Mon 4/27/2015

Hey all!

   It's been a rough week for our missionary work but a great week for the ward. Elder Christensen has been sick all week and so we have not been able to visit with many people. Despite our situation though we had more people at church than ever. 6 Less active families came back to church. Some of them it was the first time in many years! We also had an Investigator come to church and the ward was amazing at fellowship-ing. The ward members literally took care of everything so we didn't have to. Farmington 2nd ward is a great ward to be in! The Love of the Savior is present each Sunday at church. Pretty neat! Being a Zone Leader is still as crazy as ever. Hope you have a great week!
--Elder Petersen

Mon 5/4/2015
    I have a second companion again so there are three of us, just like last month. The third missionaries name is Elder Jones. He is from Placerville, California, which is near Sacramento. my other companion which I have had four weeks now, Elder Christensen, is from South Jordan Utah. I don't know if I told you where he is from yet but now you know. This past week we have had much success. We have been dropping off Elder Christensen at the mission Office and so we have been able to get lots done each day. We are worried Elder Christensen might have to go home because he has been having stomach pain for a month now and the doctors don't know what it is. Hopefully everything works to his benefit. Elder Jones is a hard worker and this is his second mission. His first mission was Brazil and he had to go home for medical reasons and now he is back and serving in the New Mexico, Farmington Mission. He is very humble, very charitable and is a great listener in lessons. He notices things I did not pick up on. It's great to have him as a companion. Things are looking great here in second ward and I love my mission! Thank you for everything and have a great week!
--Elder Petersen

My second companion

On Mon, May 11, 2015 at 11:41 AM, Ruth Petersen :) <> wrote:
J hey josh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey – I didn’t mean to make you feel bad yesterday about writing – I know you’re busy J I guess I’M getting trunky! 

You're packing my bags for me?? haha That's funny! don't worry about it you didn't make me feel bad. lol. I know how it must be for you seeing as I am your first child on a mission. Thank you mom for all that you have done for me these 20 years! I love you much! Happy Mothers Day!

This week has been the same as the past two weeks. Elder Christensen has been experiencing stomach pain for a month now. He has seen four different doctors the past few weeks and president has said that if he doesn't get some answers soon he will have to go home. He came out the same month I did but he started his mission in Africa, Liberia mission. He got a headache that was so persistent and so painful that he was sent home for four months. His headache is still there but now he ignores it. He has not gotten better but he decided to serve a mission again last August and came here to the New Mexico Farmington Mission. They couldn't send him back to Africa because his mission was closed due to ebola. He is having it rough and we have not left the house to do missionary work for 3 weeks. Now that we have Elder Jones we have been asking members to take Elder Jones out to teach our investigators and that seems to be working for now. I am not discouraged because I know things like this have to happen but Elder Christensen is starting to lose hope. I feel extremely bad for him but there is almost nothing we can do. He is suppose to hear back from the doctor today or tomorrow about a test they did last week. Hopefully they can fix this. It's been a good week nonetheless. The members have taken good care of us.

Thu 5/14/2015
Sister Peterson,
Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate Elder Peterson.
We had the blessing of having he and his companions over for dinner tonight, and it was great. He is doing a great work here in our Ward and I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful son.
David and Dawn Harris
And family

On Mon, May 18, 2015 at 8:04 AM, Ruth Petersen <> wrote:
How's your ear?  :(

It's not an ear infection and it's not a broken ear drum. The doctor I saw on Friday said that there is nothing visible from the outside and that it is probably an inner ear problem. The doctor recommended that I see an ear specialist named Dr. Wilkey here in Farmington so I have an appointment on June 15th. This past Tuesday I got really dizzy and could hardly walk straight. Its getting better but I have not been able to balance very well since then and it is because I have been diagnosed with Vertigo. That has been fun because everything around me seems to be spinning slowly :P. All I know is that it has to do with my equilibrium and its not working right or something. Most of the time it goes away but just to be sure the doctor recommended that I see a specialist. I'll be just fine :)

By the way, Transfers are this week and Elder Christensen and I are staying in Farmington 2nd ward but Elder Jones is going to Farmington 1st Ward. Not much change. I might Stay here the rest of my mission. That would be awesome! :D

Tue 5/26/2015
  So because of the holiday yesterday we are emailing today. This week has been a good one and we have been able to get out of the house more.  A miracle that happened this week is that we have been teaching a lot more and have managed to meet with a few people that we have not seen for a long time. We had 8 people at church who are not there usually and that was amazing! Also we went on Exchanges with a district leader and his new trainee. I was with Elder Rigby the new one. He is a fantastic missionary and he is ready to get his feet wet and to work hard. Very respectful and obedient as well. He had lots of goals directed at learning and he has a strong desire to do so. He should be a good one! Meanwhile, Elder Christensen have been telling stories and jokes in our companionship to keep ourselves entertained and occupied. :P Everything is great and I love my mission! :) talk to you latter
--Elder Petersen

Mon 6/1/2015
Thank you also for putting up with my lack of communication while on my mission. I want to tell you and the family all my stories but when it comes time to tell, there isn't time or room enough. I would have to tell you all the amazing things I have experienced out here in person. Just know that I think of you and the family often and that part of why I am out here is to bless you. I know I could never repay you for all that you have given me but that doesn't mean I can't try :) With all of this coming to a close I feel as if I am a race horse with his blinders on. Focused on one goal and ignoring all else around me. I want to be as focused as I can so that I can say that I have given it my all when I have crossed the finish line. 


   Alright so I only have 10 minutes so I am going to be typing really fast so if I make any mistakes in grammar or spelling feel free to laugh and giggle. This week I have been doing very well and have been able to teach with Elder Christensen. Its good to be back and healthy and working good as ever. We have found more forgotten members. It seems that we are adding large amounts of members to the ward list because there are so many that the ward does not know about. We also visited two people who were visited by the ward that week or even that day. The ward has been doing a great job at visiting the people we teach and being member missionaries! We have another investigator working towards baptism.... She is 9 and her parents are returning to activity! Super great! At church yesterday we had 6 families at church who don't usually come. Too bad we don't count that  as missionaries lol. But the reactivation here has been astounding! :) We did two service projects on Saturday. Installing a mans swamp cooler on the side of his house and helping a man put in sod in his back yard. Working hard here in Farmington 2nd ward and I am loving it! have a great week all! Love ya!
--Elder Petersen

Sister Price in our ward's brother was headed down to Josh's mission office and offered to take a care package so I made him a late birthday cake - I told Rachel that depending on where she goes - she probably won't get half the stuff I've sent Josh over the last two years! It's nice having him close. when he got his call my brother in law Peter said, so... are you going to go do his laundry every week? hahahaha!!!!!!

Wed 6/10/2015

I thought you might enjoy this.   He was super excited before he even opened it.   I told him it was too cute to eat!

Sister Jensen
New Mexico Farmington Mission Secretary

Monday, January 19, 2015

Being a zone Leader is fun and yet the most difficult thing I have done on my mission so far.

this is the last few weeks combined into one :)

Jan 19

Hello everyone!
   Being a zone Leader is fun and yet the most difficult thing I have done on my mission so far. My companion is Elder Mackay (Mac-Key) from West Point, Utah. We serve in Famington 2nd ward which is the biggest ward in Farmington. It includes part of the Navajo Reservation, so I am happy. I live in a two story apartment and Wal-Mart is across the street. Pretty weird. City life is way different than what I remember it being! It might take a week or two for me to adjust. At least when I was in Kirtland it was farm country and spread out. I will say though, there are probably more homes in Famington 2nd ward than all my other areas combined. We have a great deal of work to be done. This past Saturday a 17 year old investigator was baptized by his 19 year old cousin which was fantastic! Great baptismal service and the two boys will never forget how they stood in the font together. Church was very nice yesterday, and I enjoyed how smooth the 3 hours went. All of the members seem like very nice people :)
    Elder Mackay is great and we have a wonderful zone so I am exited to see what happens this transfer! Have an awesome week and I look forward to talking to you next week.

--Elder Petersen

Reunited at Last! The very first district I ever had, all in Farmington during exchanges!

The very first home I lived in consisted of, Elder Nicholson, Elder Beck, and Elder McCarry
Elder Nicholson is my Assistant to the President and I am his Zone Leader! (that was Josh's first companion - the one on the far right in the picture below) Its crazy awesome! I have seen him 3 times already this week :)

Baptism in Farmington!

Jan 12

I'm getting transferred to Farmington 2nd Ward to be the Zone Leader in Farmington!!! Ahhh! I almost dropped the phone when President Batt told me! Wish me luck. I am happy but sad to be leaving. I like Kirtland 1st ward a lot! hopefully I will Love Farmington as well.


Hello Family and also friends!
   It was great to skype home and talk to you for Christmas! Jared and Nathan have grown since I last saw them and I am glad that you are all doing well. I want to say Thank You to anyone who helped Nathan and my family while he was in the Hospital. I found out about his accident Wednesday morning because Sister Signs here in Kirtland was able to find out through messages on Facebook. Definitely a Christmas miracle! I am glad you are all home now. This week we have had the chance to see what it is like to be in a walking mission. We were given 700 miles to use on our truck but two weeks ago they changed it to 400, so last Tuesday we had to start walking. I like waling now because we have been able to talk to more people this way! That and the members have been giving us rides and in a way I feel like it is helping them because they feel more involved in missionary work. Christmas Day was a hoot because we ate at four difference homes. I don't think I can ever eat that much again! We also were given all of the members sweets that they didn't want so we have three big boxes of candy and treats left over at our home. We are thinking of giving it away :P. Being District leader has proved to be one of the most challenging/rewarding things I have done. Being responsible for 9 missionaries is a bit daunting but well worth it I love the missionaries I serve and they have helped teach me a lot. With the "He is the Gift" initiative over and done with we are now transitioning into family history work. All of us missionaries are going to become family history consultants and hopefully teach the members how to do missionary work through the redemption of the dead. I am exited to see the results from our new focus this next month. All is well in Kirtland. I love it here! Talk to you next week.
--Elder Petersen