Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Everyone and their dog thinks I will be leaving Many Farms

Ya'at'eeh! Transfers are coming up. Everyone and their dog thinks I will be leaving Many Farms.. Just in case they are right, don't send mail until after May 12th, so I can tell you if I have a new address or not. The last week has been a very good week for finding Less Active Members of the Church. In total we found 4-5 members that really show potential and could very easily come back to church. Two of them want us to baptize their kids. Wednesday we saw a Less Active and taught her 19 year old son and with her 16 year old grand daughter. Both of them are really progressing and all of their questions are spirit led. We answered so many good questions that we basically taught the first two lessons! We really need to go over them again but for now we are teaching what they need. Thursday we met with a Family who is investigating the Church and they said that they want to be baptized but we need to work out their living situation first. Ether they need to live in separate homes and stuff or they will need to get married. They really want to be Baptized though so it should be cool to see what happens. Friday we weekly planed and went finding for the rest of the day. Saturday we went to Rough Rock to see two new members of the Ward and they were very active in the wards they came from. We are pretty exited because that is exactly what this Ward needs. Sunday we had Stake conference and President Batt gave a talk. All of the talks were really cool! We felt bad for all the people we visited with afterwards that didn't go because it was exactly what they needed. We took Bishop and his wife teaching for 2 hours last night and they loved every second of it. Maybe they will go teaching with us again some time! Anyways, I'm out of time haha. Talk to you next Week and Thank you for your emails and Letters!  --Elder Petersen

Thursday, April 24, 2014

...it was a cool week filled with awesomeness!

Josh's (Elder Petersen's) email on Monday: Went to Canyon De Chelly today with Bishop Logan. Got back late so I will have to email you Tomorrow night. Love you Mom! :)

Elder Petersen's email on Tuesday: oops :( sorry, got back late from Zone Conference, email tomorrow

Elder Petersen's email Wed: Hey Mom! Good afternoon :)

......an hour later on Wednesday:

Ya'at'eeh! Good week since I last wrote an email. Things have been looking up and we keep finding new people to teach! We had a remarkable week for door contacts. We mark down how many new people we talk to about the Gospel and this week we broke the record! We met 48 new people while on a good week we only talk to about 22 new people.We now have 8 new investigators to see. It was exiting because with all the finding we did we still managed to have just as many lessons and got even more done than usual. Overall a very successful week for missionary work here in Many Farms! Just another sign that God is hastening his work and now all we have to do is catch up and work hard. So on Monday we met with the really sweet 74 year old shima in the ward. She has been staying home on Sundays because her son was in an accident and cant walk for the time being. She has somehow managed to come to the last two church meetings and is going to be active in the ward pretty soon! We talked about having the faith that Heavenly Father would provide a way for her to make it to church and she really liked it. Tuesday we went finding and talked to a few new people who were interested so we will have to go back this week and follow up. Wednesday we went on exchanges and I stayed in many Farms with Elder Jones, our District Leader, while Elder Sorensen went to Lukachukia with Elder Manumaleuna, our Elder from Hawaii. The day was a good day with 6 new investigators, three of them we are going to see tonight! we went finding and teaching all over the place and it was insane how much work we got done. Thursday was a heavy Less Active day and all of the members we saw committed to being at church on Sunday. Friday was good at the end of the day. We saw one of the Recent Converts and his family who is investigating the church. They liked the "CPR" (Church, Pray, Read) lesson we gave and next time we see the family we are going to invite the Mom to be baptized. The Father is already a member who went on placement as a kid but does not remember allot so he is almost like an investigator. Saturday we were able to do some service work at a members home with some youth in the ward. After we weeded the yard we headed out for the day. Every appointment we had previously scheduled they were home which is very rare but awesome! definitely a good day! We saw the recent convert who use to be a youth Preacher at another church and he is truly converted to the Church of Jesus Christ for sure! He told us that he wants to tell everyone he taught to come to the LDS church instead! :D Sunday we shared the Ester Story with everyone we saw and gave out a copy of the story the church put on LDS.org. Good stuff, and we had positive feedback on the message. Monday we went hiking with Bishop and his family at Canyon De Shelly or Sheey or however you spell it. It kinda looks like Shelly but it is pronounced Shey. Cool hike though! It's the second time I have been there and it was good to have Bishop there. Yesterday, we had Zone Conference in Gallup, NM and that was really good. President and Sister Batt are Amazing teachers! Strong spirit in the meeting and there were some really helpful ideas for this area. We went shopping at Walmart after because we don't have one on the Reservation, so we bought tons of food and drove home late last night. Well, I hope I haven't forgotten anything, just know it was a cool week filled with awesomeness! Thank you for everything and I'm out... Peace!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

So, Have you ever had one of those weeks where you're just like "Hey world! I'm ready to work hard!" and then life is like, "MuaHaha! That's what you think!" and then bites your companion in the leg?

Ya'at'eeh! So, Have you ever had one of those weeks where you're just like "Hey world! I'm ready to work hard!" and then life is like, "MuaHaha! That's what you think!" and then bites your companion in the leg? Well that sums up this week so.. anything I type after this is just for fun haha. So on Monday we went hiking. Tuesday we met with the woman that we gave a blessing for her stroke. We gave her a "Finding Faith in Christ" DVD and she has already watched it 4 times! And we also had a family home evening with our first counselor and his family. He gave a really good lesson from the Ensign about Jesus Christ being our anchor and we all read Helaman 5:12. After we had the lesson we all made paper boats and gave them anchors made of string and rocks, and put them in a bucket of water. Wednesday we went exploring out by Black Mesa. We found a Less active member whose kids go to the Chinle ward. She lives in the middle of nowhere basically so it was awesome driving around looking for new people. I have one the best most unique missions in the whole world and every other missionary should be jealous! That day we also found a road that follows the side of Black Mesa in Rough Rock with shear cliffs of to the side of the road. Pretty scary (picture included.) Thursday we went tracing with a member for an hour and everyone we knocked into knew the member, so that was funny. We had dinner with the coolest 74 year old Lady or "Shima" (What we call her in Navajo) and her son. She is an active member in the ward and can cook Fry Bread like no one else can here on the Rez! Good stuff :) Friday we were doing really good, had met 6 or 7 new people and then all of a sudden... Dogs! We were bringing in wood for one of our investigators and one of their dogs bit Elder Sorensen. He is lucky that he was lifting up his foot to take a step because instead of it biting his ankle it bit into his shoe. The dogs teeth went through his dress shoe and into the heel of his foot, leaving a scrape that was deep enough to bleed. Elder Sorensen taught that dog a lesson though because right after it released his shoe he kicked backwards as hard as he could and nailed the dog in the FACE! It ran away after that. We drove home and he cleaned out the cut quickly and we called Sister Batt the Mission Presidents wife and tried to tell her what had happened. We left Saturday to Farmington to the urgent care so that the bite could be checked for infection. It was not infected and they told him he is lucky. Our Truck had a leak in one of our tires so we drove to Farmington on our spare. By the time we got out of the urgent care it was too late to get the tire fixed so the vehicle coordinator gave us another truck. We stayed the night in Farmington with the Assistants to the President so that was cool! They do a ton for the Mission President and have their own assigned area too its cool to see that they have time to teach as well. They are really great missionaries too! Sunday Morning we drove back to Many Farms and went to church here. Everything worked out and it was almost fun haha. Definitely an interesting week but none the less great! Thank you for your emails and letters this week. Talk to you next Monday!

--Elder Petersen

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

General Conference is like Christmas for missionaries...... It’s like a spiritual pep talk right before the "Big Game."

Ya'at'eeh! From Dak'e' Halani'! Things are good in the Farm of Many this week and the missionary work is booming! We know of four less active members that watched General Conference and we are super exited for an investigator who watched all five sessions! General Conference is like Christmas for missionaries because with the missionary spirit it has a greater meaning with an added spirit. It’s like a spiritual pep talk right before the "Big Game." Makes me want to try my best and work even harder! On Monday we cleaned and did laundry then went on a hike out by the Lake here in Many Farms and that was fun. Tuesday we saw a really cool member out in Valley Store who is a military veteran in his 60's. He has some handicap issues and has a loss of memory but never the less he is awesome! His best quote is "I don't remember much, but I know the Church is true!" He remembers our names and knows we are missionaries and you can talk to him about spiritual stuff just fine but other than that he struggles to remember other stuff. He makes our day every time we see him so that was the highlight of Tuesday. Wednesday we met with a less active and his girlfriend who is investigating the church. They are really coming along and the girlfriend has been reading the Book of Mormon and praying. She told us that every time she prays it is not something she would normally say but she can feel an influence guiding her prayers. So we told her it was the spirit and she accepted that no problem. Pretty Cool! We also found a whole family of less active members out in Rough Rock so that was good. Thursday we had a helpful District Meeting and talked more about President Batt's Book of Mormon Vision. Friday we weekly planned and then didn't see many people. Saturday We enjoyed conference with the Investigator who watched all five. Sunday we watched Conference with a less active family in the Valley and they all told us there favorite part afterwards. They are working on getting active again and going to the temple. Everything worked out nicely this week and Elder Sorensen and I had fun. With all that said I love it here and I Love you guys! Stay cool and stay awesome! Till next week.. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ya'at'eeh! This week has been pretty good! We had a bunch of people tell us that our visits this week were exactly what they needed. We are using the Book of Mormon in everything now and it has made a big difference in the way people look at the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We always hold a copy of the Book of Mormon everywhere we go. Right as we meet someone we think of an appropriate scripture and are able to read it with them during the door contact. If they don't want to listen to what we have to say we offer giving them a copy and ask if we can visit with them after they read a few chapters. We have been keeping track of who we give copies to and we will follow up in a week or two to see if they have read it. And hey, if someone came to your house and offered you a free book, you would almost always say yes too! haha Especially if they said the book would change your life and improve the quality of your home and family. Everyone out here loves the idea of eternal families so now we just need to point them in the right direction to get there. This week was pretty usual and nothing was out of the ordinary so there is not much to report on. The wind has been pretty strong on and off for the past 2 weeks. It is like being in a dust cloud and getting in and out of the Truck is a work out! The missionary work here is continuing to get better and the people we meet with are progressing more and more! It's great to be out here in Good ol' Many Farms and see this ward flourish (or in other words "Blossom as the Rose" like it says in the scriptures!) Thanks for the emails and for the letters. I love you all and I will talk to you next Monday! Haagonee! (Bye)