Monday, December 30, 2013

Ya'da'la! (What the heck!)

Ya'da'la! (What the heck!) Maybe he will get used to braces soon. Otherwise it's going to be a long 2 1/2 years! Ok, so this week was a little slower because of Christmas and the baptism yesterday. We didn't get to go out and teach as much but it was still a really cool week! The two days before Christmas we went out and delivered some toys that we got from a ward in Utah and gave all of them to little kids we ran in to. It was a great way to get our foot in the door and talk to people and it was also great because a lot of the kids here don't get much for Christmas because of the poverty on the reservation. You should have seen the reactions we got from the kids when they got a gift! Yesterday the guy who competes in rodeo's who we have been teaching got baptized with two other converts from the other two missionaries area. It was cool to have 3 people all at once and the turn out was really big! They all have cool members who are there to welcome them into the ward. The funny part of it all is that we tried to fill up the font in Many Farms so we could have the baptisms here but the water was all yellow and gross so we moved it to the building in Chinle. That building is bigger anyways so it worked out well. It's awesome to think how far all of these converts have come since we first met them and my companion and I have nothing to do with their conversion processes. We joke around all the time and say that the Lord borrows our mouth when we teach and that all we have to do is be there. So to see the spirit speak to someone through us and then see that person join the church is something amazing! Well I have a picture for you and then I'm done for today. I will talk to you next week. Love ya!

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