Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving dinners :)

My thanksgiving was spent eating at three different people's houses. I was so stuffed it hurt! The first house we went to was an investigator's home and we had a very traditional Navajo food choice with a bit of regular thanksgiving thrown in. We had blue corn mush with steamed corn stew and mutton with sheep ribs and fry bread and tortillas. They also had potato, turkey, ham, and stuffing. The other two homes we ate at were members and the food choice was more like a regular thanksgiving. I enjoyed it all though! I'm glad I'm not too picky with food because I can eat all of it. We had a 4th dinner appointment but when we showed up they were just about done and they saw we were full haha so we just sat and talked to their family. SO! That Youth Minister we teach is asking people from his old church to come to the LDS church here in Many Farms! He has been busy the past 2 weeks so we pushed back his baptism to the 21st of December which is the same date as another one of our investigators (This guy is a roper and he goes to allot of rodeo's. He has placed 5th and 2nd in city rodeo tournaments in the time we have been teaching him.) Both of them came to church so we are more than likely to have two new converts on the 21st! The ward is doing really well and I love it here!

Here is a picture of our truck after it got stuck...

Josh's companions details of thanksgiving : ... we figured since we knew we were going to be eating a lot and it was going to probably hurt quite a bit, we thought we should have a contest. We weighed ourselves in the morning and we weighed ourselves when we got back into the house. The person that gained the most weight was the winner. I won. I gained 10 pounds that day, Elder McCarrey gained 8, Elder Petersen was 7 and Elder Beck was 5. After a few days we all got back down to normal, but man it was terrible! We could hardly move after that. .... We are on pavement a little bit, but most of the time we are on dirt roads. And when I say dirt, I mean that it's pretty much clay, some places more than others. And so when it snows or rains really slowly, the water sinks into the clay/dirt and makes the roads SUPER slippery. And it washes them out really really bad. ....Anyway, in one spot, it was so washed out that there was like a four foot hole in the road. And when little cars or vans tried going through, they got stuck and it takes a while to get them out. We were about to go on this road, cause our pickup made it just fine, and we saw a family out there shoveling sand and taking it over with buckets and dumping it in the hole. We stopped and helped cause we had shovels too and we filled in the hole pretty well and it was all good!"         Elder Nicholson

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