Monday, January 6, 2014

Ya'at'eeh!  .....I didn't tell you last week but transfer news came last Saturday and both Elder Nicholson and I are staying in Many Farms another transfer. That means that elder Nicholson will be here in his first area still for at least 9 months and we will have been companions for 6 months. The running joke is that I will leave Many Farms before he does and he will stay his whole mission. Last week we went way out in the middle of no where and he still knew all the houses we drove past. We actually ended up getting lost out by Many Farms Lake last Tuesday and drove around for 30 minutes or so looking for a main road and the way that we were able to find our way back was by houses that were familiar. We have focused our efforts on finding new people lately and it has really started to take affect. We have met some really cool families and have started teaching allot of them. Seems like there are plenty of people who are ready to accept the gospel and all we have to do is find them. Yesterday the convert we have been teaching got the gift of the Holy Ghost and it was awesome to see how happy he was. You can almost see it in people's face when they have the spirit with them. So a member in our ward showed us a video that the missionaries showed her family back when she was baptized and it was almost exactly how it is on the reservation. The video is called "Bitter Winds" and it was made by BYU and the church back in the day to show what drinking is like on the reservation. She gave us all a copy and I might send mine home so you can watch it. It was filmed in Chinle which is 20 minutes from many farms! Well I'm almost out of time so I better send my picture for the week. Talk to you next week, Love ya!

I gained 80lb this week!!

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