Monday, December 16, 2013

...we have WAY too much fun all the time...

Things are really good here =) Sorry it took so long to have the picture sent to you. The Anderson's and us are on Mormon/Navajo time these days haha. I told you last Monday that I was going to write letters to you guys but it never happened because we got crazy busy with Elder McCarry and I left in charge of two areas all day. I helped someone move in though  last Monday and it was good. This week was super awesome! The guy we have been teaching who use to be a youth minister has his baptismal interview tomorrow and his baptism this Saturday! He is super awesome and Is going to be a great member of the Church! So.. Elder Nicholson and I have come to the conclusion that we are obviously not doing this mission thing right because we have WAY too much fun all the time haha. The other two elders must think we are crazy because we are always laughing. We have done a lot of finding this week and we have met some really cool people. The craziest part is that we have a really good success rate when we knock on people's doors. We pray all the time for the spirit to lead us to those who are prepared for the gospel and it works just about every day. It's incredible. Anyways, thank you for all the pictures this week and talk to you next week! Love you guys!

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