Tuesday, December 10, 2013

More proof that I don't do anything on my own.

This week it snowed for the 3rd time and it stuck to the roads finally. It's was a cool view from the church because you could see the mountains in the distance covered in snow and all the mesa's were white with patches and streaks of red! It all melted already and made mud, but in the morning and evenings the mud freezes. It's easier to drive on the frozen mud. Church yesterday was good! A member asked the bishop if he could share an experience he had last week so he spoke for a little bit in sacrament meeting. He saw an older homeless lady in Burger king and he felt he should give her money to buy some food. She thanked him and walked into the bathroom and he waited at his table for 2 hours and she never came out. He said he thought she was an angel and god had sent her to test his Christmas spirit. He also said that everyone else didn't see the lady like she was invisible or something! It was crazy! A member of the high council talked about the true meaning of Christmas and compared Santa to Jesus. Elder Nicholson and I were driving in Valley Store south of Many Farms and we took a wrong turn and ended up knocking on this awesome lady's door who is super prepared for the gospel and talked with us for a while. It's cool because we don't know why we ended up finding her but I know God does. More proof that I don't do anything on my own. It's all him working through my companion and I. Anyways, Thank you for all you guys do and I will talk to you next week!

view from Josh's "house" :)

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