Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The picture of the home I sent you is the mountain man we visit who lives in a shack a 1/2 mile up the mountain. hiking to his house is fun.
Traditional Hogans are made of sections of logs like a cabin only in an octagon shape and have dirt floors with no running water with only a few windows and a wood burning stove in the middle. Some people have modernized the traditional Hogan and have put running water but still no plumbing (Most people who live in them have an outhouse.) The newest ones have siding, insulation, wood floors, and electricity. Every Hogan I've been in has been one big room, but I have seen people drape a blanket across a section for privacy. We go shopping every Monday in Chinlee at a store called "Bashes." That's the only store in the immediate area so when ever we go to Farmington or any place with a Walmart we stop in and get wheat we need. Many Farms has 2 gas stations and that's it. My companion is from North Dakota and the two other missionaries are from Utah and Idaho. I have food to spare and lately the members have been feeding us dinner. I bought cereal and eggs for breakfast and I usually have a sandwich for lunch. I bought Spaghetti noodles and a bunch of caned food for dinners and other meals as well. I put an effort into making my meals instead of eating ramen my whole mission. I had tomato soup for dinner last night and I made cream of wheat the other morning for breakfast. The members feed us Fry bread all the time and its awesome :) We have a washer and dryer in the trailer and the color catchers are working. Every now and then I wash my whites by them selves and put bleach in the load. My whites might be brown when I come home.  Peace!

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