Tuesday, September 24, 2013

 I had my first Baptism and conformation last Saturday! We have been teaching these three kids (ages 11,12, and 13) living with their grandma ever since I got here and now they're members! The oldest son is going to get the priesthood within the next two weeks so that's exiting. when we filled up the font the day before they were baptized the water came out brown so we had to empty the font and start over the next morning. By a crazy awesome miracle we were able to keep the water fairly clear and it finished filling up 5 minutes before the baptism! Two of the kids asked me to baptize them which is strange because my companion is the one who found them a week before I got here. But its cool that they liked me enough to have me do it. The next Sunday in Sacrament Meeting we gave them the gift of the Holy Ghost and confirmed them members. 10 minutes later I gave my second talk in sacrament meeting in the Many Farms Ward. Not a lot of members are active ( 40-50 every Sunday) and even fewer members will give a talk. The missionaries make the Sunday programs and teach gospel doctrine sometimes. We even take care of youth nights on Wednesdays which is super fun! The active member families here are fun to talk to. Our area is super spread out so the last couple weeks we've been track-ting in places that have probably never seen missionaries, just so we can find less actives and new investigators. We went on top of this mesa and there were a bunch of horses running around all cool like. Yesterday we went to the Snow-Flake, Az, Temple and it was spectacular! they have native american artwork and poetry in the temple. They have a huge native rug outside the dressing rooms that is just crazy beautiful! I'm having loads of fun on my mission and I cant wait to have more mud stories for you! Till next Monday, Peace!

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