Monday, October 21, 2013

Point with your lips!

Sorry I didn't email much last week. I logged off and then realized I never actually sent an email talking about my week.  The Halloween decorations you sent me two weeks ago are hanging up and the elders and I have eaten most of the candy.  The temperature is usually in the 60's which means it is suit season. I get to wear my suit every day! I wear the separate pants we bought that can be washed so my suit pants don't get dirty. Its nice when all my cloths are the same shade of black haha. Thank you for the hoody! I use it every morning because its freezing at 6:30 in our trailer. I feel like a weirdo for asking you to send the blanket, because the week after I asked you a member gave me a fleece blanket with a Navajo design on it. Then, 5 days ago an Investigator we teach gave my companion and I a blanket. Now I have 4 blankets and I don't know what to do with 2 of them haha. I have a really cool story! We have been teaching a youth minister from a Christian church for a month or two and we have set a baptism date with him before but he got too busy with school and finding someone to take over the church so we had to move it. When we met with him two weeks ago we re-set a date and last week we meet with him to see how he was doing. He told us that he is training someone to take over at the church but his school work is making it hard for him to read. When we asked him about the date we set with him he told us that he didn't want to push it off anymore and he wants to do it on that day. He basically bore his testimony the whole time and decided at the end that he could find time to read because he knows its important. Last Sunday was Stake Conference and he showed up and brought a family he knew who ended up being a Less Active in the church. (He is already a member missionary and he hasn't been baptized yet) He told us that he is reading the Book of Mormon every day and he has seen the difference it has made in his life. I'll let you know how his baptism goes :) We keep joking that after he is baptized all the people in his old church are going to be converted and we're going to have 100+ new members! He is Awesome! Feel free to ask any questions about the area because I've been here long enough that things that are different seem normal to me. I can say some obvious stuff that I can think of... The people here all have wood stoves to keep them warm in the winter so every fall they go get some wood in the mountains near by and haul them back in their truck. We cant leave our area to help people get the wood but we can chop it up after they bring it back. I've already chopped wood 20+ times and lets just say I'm pretty good at swinging an ax now haha. The people here also refer to stuff plural all the time so instead of saying "wood" or "fry bread" they say "wood's" or "fry bread's." They also point with their lips instead of their finger, which freaked me out at first but now I'm starting to do it on accident and it doesn't bother me any more. Maybe you could try it some time, it looks funny. Well, that's all I can think of so I guess that's it. Talk to you next week, Peace!

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