Monday, October 28, 2013

long day, sorry I can't write

We didn't get an email from josh until 9:30 pm because they were busy with fixing the truck. I asked the senior sister missionary where they were today since we hadn't seen an email - this was her answer:

 I wondered if they had had time to do much emailing this morning. They came over a little before 8 to email President Batt, I think. Elder P and Elder N were told to take their pickup to Farmington for the transportation Elder to examine. I think they are having trouble with tires. Elder Beck and Elder McCarrey had to go for something else. Maybe because Elder Beck is District Leader. Elder B and Elder M took 2 Elders from somewhere, I think Lukachukia, with them. I know they were either going to try to email from the Farmington Mission Home, the Farmington Public Library, or from here this evening when they get back. Our computers are not the best, but they work.

I looked it up and that's a 2 1/2 hour drive so no wonder he didn't have time for email!  :(

so here's his email for the week:

sorry. I don't know why I never have time these days.  I have a stack of things to do on P-day but the past couple of weeks I've been out of town at meetings and getting our truck fixed so I overloaded. I'm also really slow at thinking of what to type when I do get to email. You will be happy to know that I type with all my fingers and I am actually kind of fast if I know what I want to say. I need to work on time management and make sure I know what I'm going to say before Monday. Tell Aaron and Chris sorry but I'm not going to be able to email them this week. I only have a half hour instead of an hour this time to be on the computer because it's late. I will send home a letter, and it will be long. I feel bad that I haven't given you much. For now just know that I'm doing well and I love all of you! Goodnight!

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