Monday, November 4, 2013

It's going good! I have been crazy busy the last few weeks.

It's going good!  I have been crazy busy the last few weeks. We had two big meetings and all my P-days seem to be in a different town taking care of car problems instead of staying in Many Farms. Now I should be able to just focus on cleaning the trailer and writing home.  On a normal P-day like today we get up at the normal time and do our studies, and then we clean the trailer. From that point we can do whatever. My companion has played basketball while I play a piano in the gym before. I practice children’s hymns and the hymns made easy for at least an hour. One P-day we went hiking and that’s when we came across those horses you saw. Here on the Reservation though it’s common to see horses in the streets. That was the first time though that I saw them in that big of a group. We use the Andersons computer to write home because they don’t want us using the church computers. We don’t have a family history center but the stake center in Chin Lee has one. Family history is hard on the reservation because the Natives haven’t always had first and last names. They also just in the past 30 years have kept track of birthdays and deaths, so, it makes finding people hard. It’s cool that you are in touch with my companion’s mom and the Andersons. I told Sister Andersen I eat anything so it’s funny that you said that I eat everything. The alfredo and peanut butter cookie recipes are good ones so thanks for sending them! Hopefully we will use them soon. Sister Andersen cooks us lunch after church on Sundays and this last Sunday we had a break the fast dinner with chicken enchiladas. Elder Nicholson's mom sent the recipe. You can send the chicken broccoli casserole, I would still eat it haha. Transfers are November 19th and this next transfer determines where I am for thanksgiving and Christmas. I will most likely stay though because my companion will have been here for 6 months and they wouldn't transfer both of us. So I'll most likely be taking over the area next transfer. Thank you for the dog treats! I've already used 4 of them and it seems it’s working. One dog doesn't bark at us anymore. The thing with the dogs around here is that they are all bark and no bite. If you never turn your back on them they are too scared to bite you. I went up to punch a wild dog and it ran away so that was pretty scary but cool at the same time. I was thinking of investing in a dog whistle or something because it hurts their ears. All the cartoons you send are funny by the way! The ones you put on the dog box were awesome :) Now I’ll take a more friendly approach to dogs. The problem with a lot of these dogs is they are abused and are raised to be mean. It is still in the 60's in Many Farms during the day but the weather here is bipolar like the weather in Colorado Springs so I don’t doubt that it will snow tonight. Thank you for the weather because I have no idea being without TV and stuff. So this week we finally met with a lady whose son died the week before I got here. Her Mom was baptized over a year ago and she went to church with her mom a few times before her son was killed. She has been avoiding everyone and unfortunately started drinking. Last Wednesday night we had a Halloween carnival at the church and she went with her mom and kid. She came to church yesterday and last night when we visited her, she said she wants us to start coming by. She felt something at the carnival that made her want to go to church. It’s great to see the spirit working and to see Father in Heaven reaching out to the people we meet. You are all awesome! I will talk to you next week, Peace out!

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