Monday, May 5, 2014

So I have a new address. It's P.o. Box 151 Kayenta AZ, 86033. I will be transferring to Chilchinbito, AZ, Tomorrow.

Ya'at'eeh! Big News! I am leaving Many Farms :( not fun! So I have a new address. It's P.o. Box 151 Kayenta AZ, 86033. I will be transferring to Chilchinbito, AZ, Tomorrow. It is sad to be leaving Many Farms but I figured something would happen since I have been here for just about 9 months. Doesn't feel that long, its almost like I got to Many Farms yesterday. There is a small branch where I am going and the word on the street is that I will be staying in a fifth wheel camper trailer. Pretty crazy but I'm ready to work hard in Chilchinbito! I'll let you know what it is like in my next email in a week. This past week has been a surprisingly good one. I thought for sure that transfers was going to get to me and this week wasn't going to be as good but it is amazing how going out all day and working hard can get your mind off things. We met with a ton of Less active members this week and yesterday 11 of them came to church! The whole chapel was full and it was awesome to hear some of them bear their testimonies! Bishop's opening testimony was on missionary work and service and that was the theme of every ones testimonies. Looks like Many Farms is going to explode with missionary work and stuff! Pretty cool. Tuesday we lucked out because a lot of people were out of town but we were able to get a lot of finding done. We talked to 6 new people who said we could come back so that was good. Wednesday we had a sweet lesson with a family in Valley store. The Dad is a Less active member and his wife and kids are investigating the church. We watched a 20 minute video about the life of Jesus and then afterwards it turned into a big testimony. All 7 kids shared their testimonies about how they could feel that Jesus Christ really is their savior from watching the movie. The parents testimonies were the best because without them knowing it, they shared their testimony on how the Gospel strengthens families. They want to be members of the Church of Jesus Christ because they know it will keep their family safe from bad things and thy will be stronger. Its cool when Investigators share testimony without them knowing it. Best way to invite the spirit into someones home is to let them speak truth so the spirit can bear witness to them that what they are saying is right. Thursday we met with 3 investigator families and they are all really cool. One of them came to Church yesterday. Friday we met with a nice Less active couple that we have been working with since I got here and they came to church as well! Saturday we spent all day in Rough Rock and that was good. We usually don't see many people out in Rough Rock but with three new member families moving there and a Recent Convert who is on fire. We were able to get referrals for some families that are genuinely interested in learning about the Gospel. Now we have tons of people to see each time we go to Rough Rock. Yesterday We drove around and said goodbye to some people. Today we will be saying goodbye to the rest of the people. Well, I'm super bummed that I am leaving but I know that I am needed in Chilchinbito so that makes it easier to leave. Well, Talk to you next Monday, Love you all! Hagonee'! (bye)

Bishop Logan's family :) (missing Kaiden - he was asleep)

Josh pinky swear Lisa he will come back after his mission. :')

(I looked up some information on the area he's transferring to the population of Chilchinbito is 506. Here are some images of where he will be... )

this is where he will be living

driving to pick up his mail  41 min!

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