Tuesday, May 27, 2014

for my 19th birthday we .... went soda bashing which is when you shake a soda can and then whack it with a golf club. it was fun getting soaked in soda and hanging out with our district leader.

Ya'at'eeh! Hello from Chilchinbito! Good news, a proselyting senior couple moved into Denahotso which is part of our area. They are retired but young enough that they want to go out and teach like us. Their mission is to help and support the missionary work in Denahotso for us because we don't get to go out there very often. They have already found a young man who is prepared for the gospel and is ready to start taking the lessons. We have sat down and talked with them twice now and they are very cool! It will be fun working with them. Last Monday for my 19th birthday we spent the whole day as a district in kayenta. The four of us went soda bashing which is when you shake a soda can and then whack it with a golf club. it was fun getting soaked in soda and hanging out with our district leader. On Tuesday we spent the whole day in Denahotso finding and now we know the area and the people pretty well. Every house we knocked at people were home and it was very obvious how prepared that area is. Everyone we found was cool! Wednesday we helped out with the 8th grade graduation here in Chilchinbito community school. everyone was there and some of the kids we have been teaching were promoting to high school. We know and teach the principle there so she let us help serve the food. We got to talk to a ton of people there and that helped. The rest of the day we went and visited with the people we talked to. Thursday we taught three families and invited a new investigator to be baptized. We have been teaching her nephew and she wants to be baptized the same day as him. Friday we did the same old same old. Saw a bunch of people and visited with the recent converts in the area. The Recent converts that were Baptized two weeks before I got here have a very strong testimony in the gospel and are very smart for their age. I might send a picture next week but there are five of them and they are cousins too. All under the age of 17. The younger generation is more excepting of the Gospel than the older generation. They are even getting their family to come to church! That evening we taught the principle of the school at another recent converts home. Baptisms have been a regular thing the past two months! Saturday we visited with a lady named Patrita who is preparing to go to the Temple for her endowments and later we played basketball at the school with some people in the area. More and more people keep showing up to our Saturday night basketball and it's a great finding tool. Everyone is willing to talk to us when we play basketball with them since it is so popular out here. It makes us seem more normal to people when they see us playing and having fun. Sunday was great at church. Us missionaries were able to speak for a few minutes on how to prepare for a mission and then the branch president encouraged everyone to prepare the younger generation for missions. It got me exited and I'm already a missionary haha. The rest of the day was pretty normal however so not much to report. I love it here and the people are awesome! Thank you for the emails this week. Talk to you next week! Peace!

Our celebration at home for Josh :)

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