Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Investigators are starting to pop up like daisies!

Ya'at'eeh! I am no longer in the Farms of Many!! D= After a nine month stay in Many Farms I have been transferred to Chilchinbito or "Chilly Burrito" as said by an Investigator. It was sad leaving all the great people in the Many farms ward. It's hard leaving an area you have grown so much to love. Hope I get to visit after my mission.. The past week has made it easier to transition than I thought though. Chilchinbito has great potential and the members here are very welcoming. To tell you the truth, this new area is super sweet and is exactly what every Rez missionary wants! It is a small little branch in the middle of nowhere with a Branch President that is ultra gung-ho about missionary work! My companions name is Elder Acaylar and he is from Idaho. His Parents originate from the Philippines though so he is full Philippino! Pretty cool! In the last few months they have had 8 Baptisms so that means we get to visit with a bunch of very cool recent converts! All of them have strong testimonies in the gospel and are getting their friends and family to listen to the gospel. Almost half of the recent converts we teach, and Investigators two, are the rising generation. 10-18 years old. It's crazy how much more receptive the youth are to the message we share. Some of the older Investigators have a harder time giving up their older ways and following Christs example. It's cool because the people we are teaching are energetic, and exited to learn. Well, overall, just exited about everything haha. There is this little kid named Adam that sat between Elder Acaylar and I in a lesson and started teaching his family with us. He is 10! Told us we were his bro's haha. Our Area covers Chilchinbito branch and Denahotso branch so we get to decide where we go to church. Tons of work to be done in Denahotso too because the past missionaries didn't like driving that far. We are going to explore the area on Tuesday and go finding. I am already starting to like it here and i can tell that it isn't going to take much for this area to grow. We have a ton of help from the members and Investigators are starting to pop up like daisies! Well, Thank you for everything. I love you all! Talk to you next Monday!

Elder Petersen (heehehe.... still want to call him Josh all the time!)    :) mailed this broken nametag home - it's in Navajo - cool! :)   he mailed home an sd card with some pictures too - some date back to other blog posts but i thought they were cute 

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