Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Everyone and their dog thinks I will be leaving Many Farms

Ya'at'eeh! Transfers are coming up. Everyone and their dog thinks I will be leaving Many Farms.. Just in case they are right, don't send mail until after May 12th, so I can tell you if I have a new address or not. The last week has been a very good week for finding Less Active Members of the Church. In total we found 4-5 members that really show potential and could very easily come back to church. Two of them want us to baptize their kids. Wednesday we saw a Less Active and taught her 19 year old son and with her 16 year old grand daughter. Both of them are really progressing and all of their questions are spirit led. We answered so many good questions that we basically taught the first two lessons! We really need to go over them again but for now we are teaching what they need. Thursday we met with a Family who is investigating the Church and they said that they want to be baptized but we need to work out their living situation first. Ether they need to live in separate homes and stuff or they will need to get married. They really want to be Baptized though so it should be cool to see what happens. Friday we weekly planed and went finding for the rest of the day. Saturday we went to Rough Rock to see two new members of the Ward and they were very active in the wards they came from. We are pretty exited because that is exactly what this Ward needs. Sunday we had Stake conference and President Batt gave a talk. All of the talks were really cool! We felt bad for all the people we visited with afterwards that didn't go because it was exactly what they needed. We took Bishop and his wife teaching for 2 hours last night and they loved every second of it. Maybe they will go teaching with us again some time! Anyways, I'm out of time haha. Talk to you next Week and Thank you for your emails and Letters!  --Elder Petersen

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