Monday, January 20, 2014

Ya'at'eeh!! This week was supper cool! We saw so many people this week and got more done than we usually do. Our lessons are going up and more people are coming to church. Last Monday after emailing we went hiking with the other two missionaries and had some fun. We found a bunch of old tires at the bottom of the mesa so we threw them in our truck and rolled them down the mesa again. That's everyone's favorite past-time around here so there is a decent sized pile of tires at the bottom of the mesa for us to chose from. It was funny watching the tires bounce down the mesa and catch air. Elder Nicholson won with the longest distance. His rolled twice as far as any of ours. We have some good pictures of that and some cool pictures of our hike. On Tuesday we taught the girl with a baptismal date and had a good lesson with her. We are able to have the lessons at a members home and it really helps. We also had a really cool lesson with a less active member and it was a very powerful lesson. Her and another less active member ended up coming to church yesterday so it was super cool! On Wednesday, I went to Lukachukie and stayed with an elder there for the day. Because, Elder Nicholson is the District Leader he has to meet with all the elders in the district and do exchanges for a day. It was fun and it was cool to see the stuff that has worked in other elders areas. On Thursday, we went to Rough Rock and got to chop wood for the mountain man that we teach. He was baptized a year ago but he doesn't have a ride to church every week. There aren't many members with cars out there who can take him so we are still working on it. Thursday was an overall happy day and it was good to be back in Many Farms. On Friday, we saw a lot of people and was able to teach a few lessons in Valley Store. We started Basketball nights on Friday nights at the church and it has been a big success! The people here love Basketball and every Friday more and more people show up. It is a great finding tool and we are able to show people how LDS people know how to have fun too. Three new investigators have come from it and it is great to see how people will listen to what you have to say when you can play ball with them. Friday and Sunday were great teaching days. The 17 year old in the ward who wants to go on a mission came out with us all day Saturday and Sunday. We told him he can take a break anytime he wants but he refuses and keeps asking to go out teaching with us. He is a really good kid and it is fun to have him with us. Well, I ran out of computer time so that will have to be it for this week. Talk to you next Monday, Love ya!

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