Monday, September 16, 2013

Mud everywhere!

This place is very dry and the ground doesn't pick up moisture very well so last Tuesday it rained so much over night that the whole city was a lake. The area around the church is slightly higher than the rest of the town so we were fine, but at 7:30 in the morning while I was in the shower we got a phone call from a member whose house had started to flood. We got over to their house and the road to get there was a river. We got out of the car and walked the 1/4 mile through 3 feet of water. Me being just barely out of the shower was trying to stay dry because the water was dark red. Little did I know that there was a 5 foot hole of the side of their road, and I was lucky enough to fall into it! My companion couldn't stop laughing because I disappeared while we were running through the water. One minute I’m there and the next minute I’m completely under. After I got out of the hole I looked like I had rolled in the mud, it was gross. When we got to the house the family was running around like crazy trying to shovel dirt to stop the flow to their home. We hauled a bunch of tires they had (everyone out here collects tires for some reason) and we put them around the house and dumped dirt on top of them. After we created a dam around the house we were able to redirect the water and we saved the house. It was awesome!

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