Monday, September 9, 2013

I live in a trailer

(we) live in a trailer in the church parking lot .....the piping out here is so rusted that the water is red! The most popular meal out here is Fri bread and stew. When winter hits the stew will be mutton stew, I heard it was gross haha.. The ward here in Many Farms has 300 members but only 50 of them come to church because of the placement programs in the late 1900's. They have all been baptized in Utah or Idaho but after they come back to the reservation they fall of the face of the earth. Most of our efforts are tracking members down and reactivating them. Half the people down here don't work at all and drinking is a big problem. Dogs run rapid and I've seen herds of cattle lose on the side streets and dirt roads. There are only 3-4 paved roads and the rest are dirt. There are only 2 small neighborhoods and the rest of the homes are trailers or Hogan's that have been set up randomly along the main road. The homes that are real fun are the ones on top of the mesa next  to the town. People here are way different. You have to have a 30 minute casual conversation with someone before they trust you enough to hear about the Gospel. When we go up to a house we get swarmed by a dozen of their dogs. None of them have tried to eat me and their usually friendly so that's good. We wash our Pick-up every P Day and its fun to see all the brown mud fall of our white Truck. All these dirt roads are murder to any car, especially after it rains. We almost got stuck in some mud yesterday. My companion is from North Dakota but he lived in Colorado for two years. The mission Office should have sent you a picture of us the day we were made companions. He's awesome! Our Mission President is an inspired man, and God Knew who I needed as a trainer. We get along and he's helped me with my weaknesses and social skills. I'm now way more comfortable talking with people. We already committed 4 people to baptism since I've been here and we have another 2 people still on date from before I got here. If all goes well, 6 people will be baptized by the end of October. I love my mission and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else! Stay Strong, and God be with you till we meet again.. sometime. yeah. K bye :)"

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