Tuesday, April 8, 2014

General Conference is like Christmas for missionaries...... It’s like a spiritual pep talk right before the "Big Game."

Ya'at'eeh! From Dak'e' Halani'! Things are good in the Farm of Many this week and the missionary work is booming! We know of four less active members that watched General Conference and we are super exited for an investigator who watched all five sessions! General Conference is like Christmas for missionaries because with the missionary spirit it has a greater meaning with an added spirit. It’s like a spiritual pep talk right before the "Big Game." Makes me want to try my best and work even harder! On Monday we cleaned and did laundry then went on a hike out by the Lake here in Many Farms and that was fun. Tuesday we saw a really cool member out in Valley Store who is a military veteran in his 60's. He has some handicap issues and has a loss of memory but never the less he is awesome! His best quote is "I don't remember much, but I know the Church is true!" He remembers our names and knows we are missionaries and you can talk to him about spiritual stuff just fine but other than that he struggles to remember other stuff. He makes our day every time we see him so that was the highlight of Tuesday. Wednesday we met with a less active and his girlfriend who is investigating the church. They are really coming along and the girlfriend has been reading the Book of Mormon and praying. She told us that every time she prays it is not something she would normally say but she can feel an influence guiding her prayers. So we told her it was the spirit and she accepted that no problem. Pretty Cool! We also found a whole family of less active members out in Rough Rock so that was good. Thursday we had a helpful District Meeting and talked more about President Batt's Book of Mormon Vision. Friday we weekly planned and then didn't see many people. Saturday We enjoyed conference with the Investigator who watched all five. Sunday we watched Conference with a less active family in the Valley and they all told us there favorite part afterwards. They are working on getting active again and going to the temple. Everything worked out nicely this week and Elder Sorensen and I had fun. With all that said I love it here and I Love you guys! Stay cool and stay awesome! Till next week.. 

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