Monday, November 11, 2013

awkward! :)

It's been interesting with our bishop here because he is new and has only been a member for a year and a half. He's supper cool though.This week was very laid back and normal until this morning. We chopped down and carried some trees to the mountain man we teach and it was crazy lifting all that weight and hiking a few miles to his house. He will hopefully have enough wood to keep him warm for a few weeks. We did get stopped by a native with a samurai sword though because he thought that we were chopping trees for our selves and that is apparently not ok for white people. When we told him we were doing it for a native he was ok with it and apologized. We then went to a lunch today because we were invited and then it all of a sudden turned into a Native American Ceremony with smoke and chants and a dude praying in Navajo. They had everyone drink water that they blessed with an eagle feather. All four of us missionaries had no idea what was going on and we were all uncomfortable. sooo.. we got out of there as soon as we finished eating. Yup, that's my week haha. I love it out on my mission and every day is a cool learning experience. I am one week away from finishing my missionary training and will be ready for any teaching situation.. maybe lol I love you guys and you are all amazing! see ya!

I caried 2 loads of wood this big for a mile across a mountain. yup hah

(this is the mountain man's house on top of the mesa)

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