Monday, October 13, 2014

My headaches are gone and my ears don't hurt anymore! :D I feel really good this week

    Hello all! This week has been a good one! I feeling much better this week and have not had any headaches since last Wednesday! Things are doing amazing here in Chilchinbito with plenty of work for us to do. Wednesday we went to a Zone conference in Tuba City and were able to watch "Meet the Mormons" which is now in theaters! Pretty amazing movie with some great stories about members of the Church. Very informative too! It shows what Mormon life is like for members all over the world. I recommend watching it because it is very well done! During Zone conference we had a training from the Assistants on appropriate missionary music, and even though they never said flat out what is good and what is bad I felt that I could clean out my music a tad. President and Sister Batt trained on better teaching methods and making sure we take the time to talk about the First vision of Joseph Smith and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. They told us that in some of the teaching they have seen Elders rush too quickly through those subjects and miss the opportunity for a spiritual experience. There were a lot of helpful things I learned from the training. After Zone Conference Elder Winborg and I went on Exchanges with the Zone Leaders in Tuba and we "Blitzed" their area. Elder Winborg and Elder Scofield took the North part of Tuba and Elder Nishimoto and I took the south Side of Tuba. I was able to learn a great amount from Elder Nishimoto which I am grateful for. I have amazing leadership and it has been that way since the day I started my mission! There are a lot of great Elders in this mission! At the end of the exchange Thursday morning Elder Nishimoto gave me a pretty powerful and motivational talk which was greatly needed. With my Headaches the past two weeks I had been struggling to find motivation to go out and work but now I am confident everything is going to be great! Thursday was good because we were able to set up the Baptismal program with an investigator. This past Saturday she was Baptized in Kayenta with a decent turn out. It was a great experience for her and her kids! The spirit was so strong and all the sisters in the Branch were very emotional at the end. It's looking good for her future, I have no doubts that the Branch will take care of her! Yesterday we had a sweet lesson with the two kids who are looking to get baptized soon! We talked about the Temple and their dad was super exited to go as well. The parents are less active members of the Church and so we are hoping they will come back and start working on taking their son to so some Baptism's for the dead after he is Baptized! Now all the dad needs to do is work on getting Sundays off from work. Everything is going very well here and I am exited for all of the Investigators who are making progress. I do not believe I have ever had this many Progressing investigators my whole mission so we are very blessed! We are looking at three more people with a Baptism date in the next week! Great to read your emails and letters this week. Stay Awesome and I will talk to you next Monday!

--Elder Petersen

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