Thursday, August 21, 2014

It's hard to believe he's been gone a whole year!!!! :D time flies!

I'm so bad about getting Elder Petersen's emails out the last couple of weeks. There really wasn't much anyway :)

last week:

Ya'at'eeh! Things are going super smooth now here in "Chilly Burrito"  and Elder Winborg have already hit it off pretty well! We get along and he has already started taking the lead in teaching situations so it wont be long till its just a regular and equal companionship without hiccups or bumps in teaching. He has a really powerful testimony too. Its great to hear him teach and testify as a new missionary with conviction and with the spirit. Proof that anyone can be a missionary and that all you need is the spirit to teach. We aren't the ones talking, its the Lord talking through us! That's what I am beginning to understand more fully this new transfer and it is great! Last Monday we met with a couple recent converts to try and review what they were thought before baptism but it turned into them asking Elder Winborg a bunch of questions so it was pretty hectic haha. Once everyone has met my new companion then maybe we will be able to teach.. But its good. Tuesday we worked in Dennehotso and helped the senior couple out there build a porch and pour concrete so that was fun! Wednesday we saw a few people we needed to visit so that was good. Thursday was pretty regular. Friday we met with a super cool guy named Mickey! He went to school in Utah as a kid and was baptized as a teenager but since he got home he has never been back to church. We found him earlier in the week and got to share the Plan of salvation with him. He is super exited to come back to church, especially since it has been 40 years! great guy and I am glad we were led to find him! Saturday we took apart a shed that had blown over at a members home and that was cool. we also meet with a Family who is committed to coming back to church because they know it will strengthen their family. The wife is not a member so we will be inviting her to baptism soon. Yesterday we Invited a brother and sister to baptism and they gladly excepted. We have been teaching them for a week now and they are all for it. They remember what we teach them and they read every day! We have 3 other people that we will be inviting to baptism this week so there are more on the way! Things are going good and I love this place more than ever. The people here are what make it good. Thank you for your letters and emails this week, talk to you next Monday!

--Elder Petersen

This week's emails - he's not much of a talker!:

email 1: The MRI shows nothing is wrong with my brain so I will be fine. Sister Batt just thinks its stress and that there is nothing too crazy to be worried about. I haven't had a headache for a week now so It's going away.

email 2: By the way, my camera broke... Last Monday right after I emailed I turned it on and the lens jammed up. It is stuck half way out and I cant do anything to fix it. I think the motor in the camera went out. I'll send it home on Thursday. You should see if that make and model of camera is common for lens problems and see if you can talk to Panasonic about covering it under warranty. This is the 3rd camera that has had the same problem...

email 3: I was very exited when I found out brother Newby is the Bishop. I freaked out and told my companion that my Priest quorum adviser is now my bishop!

email 4: So... To make this short...
I need you to contact this number for me (gives the number)
It's the Ahasteen's in Many Farms and they left me a treat with a note saying call them on our door step Saturday night. I cant call them to say thank you so could you or Sister Logan do it for me? Tell them thank you soo much!

email 5: Bye! Love You Mom! Talk to you next Monday!

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