Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Call from the mission home - and a Josh laugh in the background :)

I got a phone call from the mission home Monday. The secretary asked me for Josh's social security number so he could go to the Dr's. I asked what for and I could hear her ask him and he laughed and said tell her not to worry about it. (good to hear his laugh!). She said, he'll write you about it today I'm sure. Here's his email.....

Hey mom, thanks for my social security number. I need to memorize but thanks for giving it to Sister Garett. I want you to know that I am doing fine and that going to the doctor was just a precaution. Two weeks ago during my morning studies I got a headache, my left arm went numb and I couldn't feel my fingers for 20 minutes. This morning it happened again so Sister Batt insisted that I see a doctor just to make sure its nothing serious. Do you remember that one morning when Rachel and I were going to school and my left hand went numb? It was kinda like that and just like before it went away quickly. I just got back from seeing an LDS doctor here in Farmington and he said its nothing to worry about but he does want me to come back in a week or two to get an MRI. He said that It could be a pinched nerve but he's not sure until we get the results from the scan. I feel 100% so I'm not worried. Whats new with you?

*it was fun chatting back and forth with Josh this week - funny conversation:

          me:      i bought a new kitchen table and chairs, do you want me to keep the old
                     set for when you get married?
          Josh:   I don't like the thought of getting married! It's too early to be thinking
                    about that! haha  Um.. I don't know. It sure would be nice.. I'll let you
                    decide. I like free stuff
          Me:     And um – my brothers were married within a year of them getting 
                            home! I have a  feeling  you wont last too long!
          Josh:   When I get home I'll hide from girls and avoid romantic situations 
                     like the plague lol I can hardly talk to people about Jesus... It's 
                     going to be impossible for me to talk to girls xP
          me:     Rachel says that’s not going to work because girls can smell 
                           hot-ness and RM-ness!
             Josh:    "   *ignored*   "

The Farari is Elder James' car (Mission Housing Coordinator) and he took us to lunch two Farmington trips ago. I took the picture from Elder Acaylar's Camera before he left. My new companions name is Elder Winborg and he is from Logan Utah. He worked on a farm and likes country music. He played Hockey and loves sports... But there are some things here and there that we have been able to talk about that we have in common. I like him as a companion already because he is very motivated and works hard. He also is very obedient and listens to what I share with hem in training. Willing to learn basically and it has made this past week very good!  

(I told Josh he's going to have a lot of people mixing him and his companion up - they look A LOT alike!)

Ya'at'eeh! This week has been very good with lots of nice finds! We had lessons with 5 new people and met a total of 18 new people who we can see later this week! My new Companion Elder Winborg is a very good companion and is good at working hard. He is from a farm back in Logan Utah and loves the Reservation already! We have been every where in the area just about so he has seen most of it. Now our goal is to knock on everyone's door before the end of his training. Tuesday i picked him up in Farmington and we drove back to Dennehotso to work out there for the rest of the day. He got to meet the Napierski's and meet the 12 year old kid who was baptized two months ago. Wednesday we had a very busy day and ended up with five lessons and a whole bunch of new contacts. We also painted the inside of the modulars at the school with a less active member so that was cool. We were beat by the time we came home that night. Thursday We went to district meeting in Kayenta and met our new District leader. He stepped down from a Zone Leader position to Train a new missionary and open up Monument Valley as a new mission area. He is a legend in the mission so it is a privilege to have him as a district leader! The rest of the day we visited two people and were able to do two hours of finding in the housing's here in Chilchinbito. Friday was a tad slow but still good. Saw one person and met five new people. Saturday we drove so much we hit the daily limit for miles and started walking the rest of the day. Met 6 new people doing that! And Sunday we had an investigator at church and watched two Recent Converts bear their testimony. Pretty cool! It was a good day as well. Things are looking up for this area and I can see this branch becoming a Ward soon if the work continues to pick up like it has. I love being on a mission and wouldn't give it up for anything! Thank you for your letters and emails. Cya!
--Elder Petersen

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