Monday, March 24, 2014

I am staying in Many Farms for another transfer! That will make it 9 months in my first area at least!

Ya'at'eeh! Hey everyone! This week has been straight awesome (aside from being sick Wednesday) haha. We have done so much in the past week that needed to be done and we were able to find some cool new people who are very interested in the Gospel. On Monday we had a lesson with a Less active family that I have only met once before because of their busy schedule and by some miracle we were able to not only sit down and have a lesson but the husband talked allot more than last time and was interested. The wife wants to get back into church and started reading the Book of Mormon again! On Tuesday one of our lessons was with a man who is paralyzed from the waist down. He cant move on his own very much but he isn't letting that stop him. He has a motorized chair that he drives all over the place. He is really funny and a cool new investigator. We taught him how to pray and yesterday he says he has been praying all the time. Wednesday was another sick day but it was the day that the church and our trailers were being steam cleaned so we had to retreat to Bishop's house for the day. It was very kind of them to take us in like that at such short notice. We slept on the couch most of the day and watched Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration with Bishop and his family. On Thursday we taught five people and it was much more exiting than Wednesday haha. We had the chance to sit down with a less active Sister in the ward and introduce her to the book of Mormon and how to use it for personal revelation in her life. She had always had a copy but never knew why she needed to read it so it was great that we were able to show her the power in the Book of Mormon. Friday was pretty average without anything different of exiting. On Saturday a little 8 year old kid was baptized and we got to help out with his baptism. It went really well and the family is really exited for him! Sunday we had a lesson with an investigator who asked us if we could have the next lesson with her and her kids in the church building. We were super shocked because that is the missionary dream to have a lesson in the church or a members home and she is the one who asked us! She is a super prepared investigator and has been progressing really well. Can't wait to see what next week is like and it was great to hear from you guys in Mom's emails. Talk to you next Monday!

--P.S. I am staying in Many Farms for another transfer! That will make it 9 months in my first area at least! They might as well keep me here for the rest of my mission because I love it here! :) haha

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