Monday, January 19, 2015

Being a zone Leader is fun and yet the most difficult thing I have done on my mission so far.

this is the last few weeks combined into one :)

Jan 19

Hello everyone!
   Being a zone Leader is fun and yet the most difficult thing I have done on my mission so far. My companion is Elder Mackay (Mac-Key) from West Point, Utah. We serve in Famington 2nd ward which is the biggest ward in Farmington. It includes part of the Navajo Reservation, so I am happy. I live in a two story apartment and Wal-Mart is across the street. Pretty weird. City life is way different than what I remember it being! It might take a week or two for me to adjust. At least when I was in Kirtland it was farm country and spread out. I will say though, there are probably more homes in Famington 2nd ward than all my other areas combined. We have a great deal of work to be done. This past Saturday a 17 year old investigator was baptized by his 19 year old cousin which was fantastic! Great baptismal service and the two boys will never forget how they stood in the font together. Church was very nice yesterday, and I enjoyed how smooth the 3 hours went. All of the members seem like very nice people :)
    Elder Mackay is great and we have a wonderful zone so I am exited to see what happens this transfer! Have an awesome week and I look forward to talking to you next week.

--Elder Petersen

Reunited at Last! The very first district I ever had, all in Farmington during exchanges!

The very first home I lived in consisted of, Elder Nicholson, Elder Beck, and Elder McCarry
Elder Nicholson is my Assistant to the President and I am his Zone Leader! (that was Josh's first companion - the one on the far right in the picture below) Its crazy awesome! I have seen him 3 times already this week :)

Baptism in Farmington!

Jan 12

I'm getting transferred to Farmington 2nd Ward to be the Zone Leader in Farmington!!! Ahhh! I almost dropped the phone when President Batt told me! Wish me luck. I am happy but sad to be leaving. I like Kirtland 1st ward a lot! hopefully I will Love Farmington as well.


Hello Family and also friends!
   It was great to skype home and talk to you for Christmas! Jared and Nathan have grown since I last saw them and I am glad that you are all doing well. I want to say Thank You to anyone who helped Nathan and my family while he was in the Hospital. I found out about his accident Wednesday morning because Sister Signs here in Kirtland was able to find out through messages on Facebook. Definitely a Christmas miracle! I am glad you are all home now. This week we have had the chance to see what it is like to be in a walking mission. We were given 700 miles to use on our truck but two weeks ago they changed it to 400, so last Tuesday we had to start walking. I like waling now because we have been able to talk to more people this way! That and the members have been giving us rides and in a way I feel like it is helping them because they feel more involved in missionary work. Christmas Day was a hoot because we ate at four difference homes. I don't think I can ever eat that much again! We also were given all of the members sweets that they didn't want so we have three big boxes of candy and treats left over at our home. We are thinking of giving it away :P. Being District leader has proved to be one of the most challenging/rewarding things I have done. Being responsible for 9 missionaries is a bit daunting but well worth it I love the missionaries I serve and they have helped teach me a lot. With the "He is the Gift" initiative over and done with we are now transitioning into family history work. All of us missionaries are going to become family history consultants and hopefully teach the members how to do missionary work through the redemption of the dead. I am exited to see the results from our new focus this next month. All is well in Kirtland. I love it here! Talk to you next week.
--Elder Petersen

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