Saturday, August 17, 2013

The MTC is awesome!

Dear family,

they have me on the new Westview campus. Its a bunch of BYU apartments the church bought for Missionary training less than two weeks ago. There's 8 missionaries in my district that are going on my same mission, and I have my missionary training class with all of them. Most of them are from Utah but we have a missionaries from Washington and Idaho with us. We had an interview with our Branch President last Thursday night and my companion and I are now the Zone leaders over two districts. There's our district and a district going to the Colorado springs mission! My companion is from Kamas, Utah, and played football in high school. Its a little difficult to relate but we are still getting along. He's very spiritual and we've used our knowledge of the scriptures to find a middle ground. I love how perfect my companion and district are for me. Everyone that is going to Farmington I can relate to and we all seem to have more of a connection the more we talk.The MTC is awesome! Cooler than I thought it would be at least.  Peace!

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